Topical Index to Kathy's Notes


1) Pool Quality Marginal Values
4) How Distributed Recursion Solves the Pooling Problem
10) Does Convergence Matter?
19) Successive Linear Programming and Chaos
22) Adherent Recursion Slope Dampening Factors
29) The Solution Print - It's the Answer
30) Unbounded Solutions
35) MPS Format - Reading the MTX file
37) Stream Marginal Values
41) Plant Pool Component Marginal Values
44) Optimizing Linear Blending
46) Branch and Bound
50) Negative Sulphur and Other Impossible Properties
52) Semi-Continuous Bounds
55) Crude Purchase Incentives
58) Crude Marginal Value in Multi-Refinery Models
61) Sensitivity to Operating Parameters
65) RHS Scaling
69) Process Unit Marginal Values
70) Property Scaling: Choose One
71) Process Unit Margins

Using GRTMPS Effectively

2) HXpress Freezing
5) OMNI Settings: Adjusting for Larger Models and Run Speed
6) Stream Sort Order
7) Initial Estimates: Effective Use of a 181 File
11) Effective Use of Spooling
15) Can I Have Two Versions of GRTMPS at the Same Time?
16) Decoding Matrix Row and Column Names
17) GRTMPS Tables for Database Modellers
20) Model, Case, Base/Alternate
26) Creating Solution MDB on Demand
28) Where Did that Stream Go?
31) Recursion Monitor
34) What's Changed? How to Compare Input Data
38) Copying a g5 Setup
56) Max Jobs: Dynamic Use of Multi-Core
66) The SSI Guide
67) Case Generator and 181 Files
75) Excluding Crudes
78) SSI Guide: Multiple Imports


8) Price for Crude That Has Already Been Bought?
12) Bounds, Multi-Limits and Groups
24) FIX or MIN=MAX?
 25) Credits - Modelling Incentives on Giveaway
32) Integrated Model Value
 33) Using Recursion Monitor to Review Initial Values
39) Mysteriously Missing Incentives
45) Curvilinear Approximations
47) Vanishingly Small
49) Controlling Swing Cuts
53) Tiered Sales
57) Filling in Process Unit AR Dependencies
60) Blending by Index
62) Missing Quality Data
64) Losses
73) Unstable Crude Value
74) Buying on a Budget
76) Decluttering Pool Properties
77) Volume Controls
79) Similar Crude Mix to Multiple Towers
80) Same Crude Mix to Multiple Towers
87) On-Stream Days


3) A Search on the Wild Side
9) When a Formula is Treated as Text
13) Go To Special: Errors
18) Paste Special Multiply and Divide
23) The Haverly Add-in
36) Office 2016 Spreadsheet Compare
40) Matrix Analyzer: Seeing the Solution in Excel
54) PSI Test: Checking Simulator Calculations
72) Transposing Rows to Columns


14) What Computer Should I Buy?
21) Maths at the Movies
27) Crypto Puzzle
41) Backups: Be Afraid
43) Constructive Use of Jet Lag
48) Semi Prime Time
59) Unknown Quantity: A Book Review
63) Puzzled?
68) Scroll Bars, Right on