Haverly Systems works jointly with the following companies for the benefit of our clients. To learn more about the Partners of Haverly Systems, click here.


Advanced Industrial Modeling

Advanced Industrial Modeling serves the continuous process industries, mainly oil refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and polymers. Our company does business worldwide and provides innovative solutions designed to directly improve our customers' profitability. We provide leading-edge solutions in the areas of mathematical modeling, optimization, and process control. Our LP model improvement technology is a very cost effective way for our customers to increase and maintain their margins.
contact: Bill Korchinski

PetroTech Intel

PetroTechIntel 100h
PetroTech Intel (PTI) provides crude oil characterization services including crude assay reports, third-party assay workup, and general consulting. Using PTI and Haverly Systems' software, PTI is able to provide customized crude assays. PTI publishes monthly PTI Intelligence Reports highlighting new fields and crude quality changes. PTI's crude information management system (CIMS), a web-based application containing information on more than 3000 oil and gas fields, links directly with Haverly's H/COMET web-based assay evaluation tool.
contact: Patrice Perkins

Virtual Materials Group

VMG supplies the oil and gas industry innovative process simulation software. VMGSim is a world-class, rigorous, comprehensive steady-state and dynamic process simulator developed with an integrated flowsheet design in a user-friendly, modern environment. Providing unparalleled model sophistication and precision, VMGSim delivers innovative tools to increase the value from your process while reducing your operating costs. The advanced functionality and powerful capabilities of VMGSim Refinery provides a comprehensive modeling solution to address the complex needs of our refining clients.
contact: Gerald Jacobs