Haverly Systems has added a new feature to our website!

Dr. Kathryn Nelson, one of Haverly's LP experts, will be stopping by our website to share general information about optimization -- linear programming, MIP, SLP, recursion --  as well as specific tips and best practice suggestions for GRTMPS.  Articles can be found on Haverly's home page under the section, Kathy's Desk, and new entries will appear fornightly (or thereabouts) so drop by now and again to see what's new! 

See her latest article HERE

Haverly Systems is pleased to announce that San Diego, CA will host our 2017 North American Technical Conference & Courses. Find information on the conference and register here

iStock 515064220   17-20 Sept   Conference
  20-22 Sept   Course: Basic GRTMPS
  20-22 Sept   Course: Intermediate GRTMPS
  20-22 Sept   Course: H/CAMS
  21 Sept   Course: H/COMET


Haverly IDTC Crude Oil Quality

IDTC International Downstream Technology & Strategy Conference

Euro Petroleum Consultants

16-17 May, 2017

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This May, Malek Masri and Al Freidrich of Haverly Systems joined EPC as key industry professionals from all over the world met to share knowledge and provide insights into the challenges and opportunities in the international refining industry.

Malek Masri presented a white paper on Crude Assay Data - Best Practices in Supply Chain Optimization covering the topics of: 

  • What to look at while preparing, updating, and feeding assay data into optimisation systems in several areas - laboratory, planning, marketing, and scheduling. 
  • Using modern tools to achieve successful refinery operation and sustainable economy. 

Download Malek Masri's White Paper here


The papers and breakouts presented at Haverly's 46th European Technical Conference have been posted on our techsupport website. To view them, your company must have a current support agreement for Haverly software. To obtain a techsupport login name and password, contact the WebMaster.

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Solomon Associates - Refinery Economics Seminar 

October 4-5, 2017

Dallas, Texas

This October, Joe Barth of Solomon Associates is offering a Refinery Economics Seminar that covers the economic and optimization skills needed to maximize refinery profit. Practical, hands-on examples are used to illustrate Solomon’s unique approach to the intricacies of marginal economics and the workings of Linear Program (LP) models. In addition, attendees will discuss Planning & Optimization Best Practices.

Participants of the course will learn: 

  • Differences between average and marginal costs
  • How to calculate refinery netback prices
  • Why the "herd" mentality is so common in the industry
  • How to use LP Models to guide decision making
  • How to evaluate crude and feedstock purchase opportunities
  • How to evaluate incremental product sales
  • Limitations of Shadow Values
  • Planning & Optimization Best Practices

As a Senior Consultant, Joe has been with Solomon since 2004. His career includes 33 years with ExxonMobil in Planning & Optimization of refining petrochemical complexes. Joe has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University and an MS in Engineering from the University of Houston.

To find more information about Solomon's course and to register, go here