PHILLIPS 66 crude assay library

Phillips 66 Crude Assay Library

We are excited to announce we are now marketing the Phillips 66 assay library. The initial listing includes 700 assays and it is planned to add 70-100 additional assays at the end of each year. A full listing is available on request. Please let David Alexander know ( if you have any questions about this excellent library.
IP week 2019 haverly systems speaker list

IP Week 2019 - London

International Petroleum Week, Energy Institute

Thursday February 28, 2019

London, United Kingdom

Find us as a Silver Sponsor at 2019 International Petroleum Week where David Alexander, Vice President of Haverly Systems, will discuss how oil and gas companies are using digital technologies to transform their organizations. 

Topcis include:

  • The fundamental shift technology has created in the way organizations work
  • Examining how technologies disrupt the sector and the impact this will have on the industry
  • Which digital capabilities can help to improve performance and productivity


Download the IP Week 2019 Brochure here

Haverly Systems is pleased to announce that Dubrovnik, Croatia will host the 2019 European Technical Conference & Courses. Full information on the conference and registration here

mugi 2019 700x467   7-12 April   Conference
  10-12 April   Courses

  If you would like to present a technical paper at this year's conference, please leave a note here.

Haverly is offering a winter training opportunity for H/CAMS February 12-14 in Houston, TX. 

Select the course below for more information.


hcamsx H/CAMS   H/COMET
12-13 Feb 2019     14 Feb 2019
Houston, TX   Houston, TX



Dr. Kathryn Nelson, one of Haverly's LP experts, will be stopping by our website to share general information about optimization -- linear programming, MIP, SLP, recursion --  as well as specific tips and best practice suggestions for GRTMPS.  Articles can be found on Haverly's home page under the section, Kathy's Desk, and new entries will appear fornightly (or thereabouts) so drop by now and again to see what's new! 

See her latest article HERE