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A practical model for the supply chain growth optimization for automotive fuels in Mexico

Rafael Garcia Jolly, Cecilia Marin del Campo

Join me in congratulating Rafael García Jolly. His work has been accepted for publication by The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering.

The project investigated the process of evaluating the growth of Mexico’s complex automotive fuels distribution network and shows that decision-making is the same when a practical small optimization model is used instead of a detailed model. Small model results give enough information for decision-making support. The use of new facilities and economic benefits are like those obtained with the massive complex model. The full article is available for download here.

Rafael Garcia is a chemical engineer with a master's degree in Operations Research. He is a professor in the Applied Mathematics & Computing and the Energy Engineering programs at the National Autónomous University of México (UNAM). Rafael used Haverly’s planning optimization system, GRTMPS, for the research that he is in the process of submitting as his doctoral dissertation, Optimization of the automotive fuel supply chain, to the Faculty of Engineering at UNAM. 

Most of us in the Haverly community know Rafael from his time with Pemex as the Manager of Integral Optimization Models. From his office in Mexico City, he was responsible for optimization of corporate operations of Pemex including six refineries, a petrochemical facility, nine gas processing centers, five marine terminals and the national distribution network for crudes, natural gas and finished products. In that role, Rafael led the Pemex Dream Team which converted and integrated six complex planning models to Haverly's GRTMPS Planninig System in four months. All of this was accomplished without outside consulting. A fantastic accomplishment. The project is described in the paper presented by Rafael Garcia Jolly and Monica Corvera, GRTMPS Migration and Modeling at Pemex, presented at Haverly's 2016 MUG Technical Conference in Alexandria, Virginia.

Do you have questions for Rafael? Contact him here.


Dr. Kathryn Nelson, one of Haverly's LP experts, will be stopping by our website to share general information about optimization -- linear programming, MIP, SLP, recursion --  as well as specific tips and best practice suggestions for GRTMPS.  Articles can be found on Haverly's home page under the section, Kathy's Desk, and new entries will appear fornightly (or thereabouts) so drop by now and again to see what's new! 

See her latest article HERE

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Please join Haverly Systems in welcoming Manuel Jimenez Violante as the newest member of the Haverly Systems team! Based out of Houston, Texas, Manuel is joining Haverly Systems to provide senior consulting services and product support through his vast industry LP and crude knowledge. 

After graduating from Russian State Oil & Gas Institute in 1990 Manuel started his career at Mexican Petroleum Institute coordinating laboratory assay work for all Mexican main crude oil streams for Pemex.

In 1991 Manuel joined PMI (Pemex trading arm) where he participated in the implementation, improvement and automation of PMI’s LP based crude valuation system. From 1991 till 1996 Manuel was a member of PMI’s price committee and head of the European department.

In 1996 Manuel started his consulting career with Dallas, Texas based Energy Consulting firm Muse Stancil & Co, where he assisted clients in crude oil valuation and marketing strategy projects, LP modeling, refinery feasibility studies and privatization projects in the US and around the world.

From December 1999 till February 2004 Manuel was a staff consultant for Aspen Technology, participating in LP model implementation and debugging, also providing worldwide training on refinery economics, and LP modeling in English Russian and Spanish.

In 2004 working as Flint Hills Resources LP engineer Manuel developed a fully automated HCAMS integration with refinery LP, which marked the start of Manuel work on automation and refinery data visualization.

From 2005 to 2014 he returned to international consulting practice adding more years with International Energy Consulting Muse Stancil & Co. and from 2014 till summer 2020 was a Lead Corporate Adviser for CITGO Petroleum Corporation.

Missing the action of simultaneous interaction with multiple clients and different cultures around the world, Manuel is joining Haverly Systems to provide senior consulting services and product support through his vast expanse of industry LP and crude knowledge. Manuel can provide consulting services in English, Russian and Spanish.

Manuel looks forward to putting to service his 30 years of crude valuation, refinery LP modeling, market analysis, data visualization software development, training and consulting experience with the goal that clients continue to have the best industry user support and the best user experience interacting with our family of products.

Manuel loves opera, travel, photography, learning languages and meeting new people.

When you submit a question to techsupport, you may get a reply from Manuel!

Due to increasing cases worldwide of COVID-19 along with many worldwide travel restrictions, our MUGI 2020 originally scheduled for April 19-24 has been rescheduled to April 24-29, 2022. All other conference details remain the same. Find updated information on MUGI 2022 here.

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