MUG 2024
Montreal, Canada
22-27 September, 2024    
Singapore Seminar
June 26, 2024    

Haverly Systems provides corporations worldwide with a complete line of decision support systems. We provide real solutions to everyday situations, ensuring profitable, low-cost operational decisions. Our products range from refinery planning and optimization to crude assay management and crude oil evaluation. Since 1962, Haverly Systems has consistently provided systems and consulting essential to the optimum operations in planning, crude management, scheduling, and economic forecasting of our software users. Haverly continues to anticipate the needs of the industries we support through continued development of high-quality software. Haverly Systems has offices in the New Jersey, Texas, California, Singapore, United Kingdom and Lebanon. Our clients, located on six continents, include the largest international oil companies, engineering consultants, trading companies and financial institutions.

Our Core Values

Among Larry Haverly’s many achievements is the unique culture and ethic he created within the company he founded.

Emphasize innovation.
Technology change is rapid. Do not be content with the status quo. Continue to learn. Never stop innovating.

Emphasize excellence.
Doing it right and doing it best is good business. It is not enough to deliver acceptable performance or to simply minimize complaints.

Emphasize customer satisfaction.
Our support strategy is simple: Meet the needs of our clients. When there is a problem, solving it is the number one priority. No short cuts. No delays.

Treat clients with respect. Trust them. Consider them partners.
Clients and Haverly staff are partners in this great adventure of developing solutions to challenging problems. Every opinion is worthy of serious consideration. The best solutions are often the result of collaboration.