Technical Support Website

For clients with a current support agreement, the technical support site provides software updates, documentation, knowledge base articles, and presentations from previous conferences.

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Telephone and Fax

New Jersey
United Kingdom Middle East
(973) 627-1424 (voice) +44 1727 826321 (voice) +961 71 428 579 (voice)
(973) 625-2296 (fax) +44 1727 826740 (fax)  


Texas California Singapore
(713) 776-3161 (voice) (805) 653-5355 (voice) (65) 96306364 (voice)
(713) 776-1352 (fax) (805) 653-5360 (fax) (65) 62344821 (fax)

Training Courses

Courses for various products are available throughout the year at various locations. Experienced consultants provide in-depth instruction reinforced with hands-on assignments. There are courses for both the novice and the expert.

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Conferences & Seminars

Haverly conferences bring together experts and users in the areas of planning, crude assay analysis, and scheduling. Presentations are delivered by consultants, developers, and users and focus on new developments and novel approaches to practical problems. Breakout sessions emphasize content that is immediately useful and relevant. Join with others for stimulating discussion, provocative technical papers, relevant breakout sessions, and in-depth courses.

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