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Fancy yourself as a cryptographer?   Here's a little code cracking challenge to keep the brain active over the year end holidays.
18   09-18-08-01-03-09-18-08-13-20-13-18-15   09-18-06   12-03  "18   17-03-02-13-20-03  19-14-04   08-10-04-15-13-15-11   20-14-19-19-03-03 13-15-08-14   08‑01‑03‑14‑04‑03‑09‑07",  12-10-08   11-04-08-09-24-07   13-07   24-04-14-14-19   08‑01‑18‑08   13-19   06-14-10   18-17-17    07-14-09-03   03-15-11-13-15-03-03-04-07,   18   24-01-06-07-13-20-13-07-08   18-15-17   18    24-07-06-20-01-14-05-14-11-13-07-08,   14‑24‑08‑13‑09‑13‑16‑18‑08‑13‑14‑15      18-05-11-14-04-13-08-01-09-07   20‑18‑15   12‑03   11‑03‑15‑03‑04‑18‑08‑03‑17   19-04-14-09   08-03-18.
Each letter has been replaced by a number, so reverse the process to reveal the text.  I've filled in a few to get you started.
Whatever your discipline, you'll need a dose of caffeine for the quote and another "cuppa" to finish the puzzle. 
 27 Cuppa
A:___ B:___ C:___ D:___ E:___ F:___ G:_11 H:___ I:___ J:___ K:___ L:___ M:___
N:___ O:___ P:___ Q:___ R:  4 S:___ T:  8 U:___ V:___ W:___ X:___ Y:___ Z:___

Bragging rights awarded for completed answers.  Submit your plain text here or directly to me via e-mail to prove you did it.   Enoy and best wishes for Midwinter's day and the coming New Year.

From Kathy's Desk, 21st December 2017.

4th January: First solutions received from Matthew Clark and Benoit Cardin (who had the time zone advantage of being West).   Miguel Gomes Lopes followed the next day with the first answer from Europe.  David Cattan gets the staff prize.   Thanks for joining in.

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