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Comprehensive Crude Assay Management

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H/CAMS is our comprehensive family of applications, databases, and services dedicated to crude assay management.

Several major enhancements have been made to H/CAMS recently. These include improvements to the main user Interface, a re-written Blend Optimizer, revamped Swing cut modeling with Tray Efficiency Factors, new Flash Assay update spreadsheet interface and automatic flash assay update. Output Interfaces have also been improved, particularly the data import speed.

With our newest release in H/CAMS you can:

  • Access and process any number of crude assays
  • Graphically smooth, extend, and compare property curves
  • Add new crude assays and update old assay data easily
  • Accurately predict cut yields and properties for single crudes or blends of crudes
  • Use the new Blend Optimizer to determine the optimal mix of crudes to meet property specs
  • Create a product assay of any portion of a full crude assay
  • Blend product distillations back to feed equivalents with new Yield Blend tool
  • Estimate hydrocarbon gas chromatography analyses
  • Predict cut points based on property spec criteria
  • Simulate crude tower distillation with new advanced theoretical tray methodology
  • Access a vast number of included property correlations
  • Use a new generation of Interface tools that Integrate directly with all LP and Process simulation applications. Optional spreadsheet and/or database output format.
  • Join a very large existing and growing client base comprised of thousands of users
  • Use supported commercial assay libraries, Chevron & Haverly (2200+ assays)

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