Comprehensive Crude Assay Management

HCAMS product image

H/CAMS is the latest release of a comprehensive family of applications, databases, and services that are dedicated to crude assay management.   

With this newest release you can:

  • Access and process any number of crude assays
  • Graphically smooth, extend, and compare property curves
  • Add new crude assays and update old assay data easily
  • Accurately predict cut yields and properties for single crudes or blends of crudes
  • Use the new Blend Optimizer to determine the optimal mix of crudes to meet property specs
  • Create a product assay of any portion of a full crude assay
  • Blend product distillations back to feed equivalents with new Yield Blend tool
  • Estimate hydrocarbon gas chromatography analyses
  • Predict cut points based on property spec criteria
  • Simulate crude tower distillation with new advanced theoretical tray methodology
  • Access a vast number of included property correlations
  • Use a new generation of Interface tools that Integrate directly with all LP and Process simulation applications. Optional spreadsheet and/or database output format.
  • Join a very large existing and growing client base comprised of thousands of users
  • Use supported commercial assay libraries, Chevron & Haverly (2200+ assays)

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