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Crude Assay Libraries
High Quality Assay Data

crude assay libraries

Haverly is the world leader in crude assay management and offers the widest selection of assays. Each of the libraries below are fully compatible with both the H/CAMS-X and H/COMET software applications.

Both H/CAMS-X and H/COMET allow blending of crudes within a specific library or between totally separate libraries.

Phillips 66 Assay Library
Haverly is pleased to announce a new addition to our available libraries. The Phillips 66 Crude Assay Library currently has 700 assays representing crudes from around the world and has a large emphasis on North America assays.

The library has many assays at different locations for tight oils, WTI, WTS and Canadian crude oils. This will give refineries and trading companies the opportunity to make the right purchase/sale decisions on crude oil quality by location.

The library will be updated on an annual basis.

Chevron Crude Assay Library
The Chevron Crude Assay Library currently has over 1850 assays representing crudes from around the world. This library is actively updated on an annual basis.

Haverly Crude Assay Library
The Haverly Crude Assay Library currently contains over 320 assays from around the world and is updated on a regular basis.

Client-Owned Crude Assay Libraries
Both H/CAMS-X and H/COMET can process any client-owned assays. Haverly provides a free data conversion service to map any assay data format into an H/CAMS-X or H/COMET compatible format.


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