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Gasoline Blending for Refinery Blenders and Traders

NetBlend Product Image

On the web:

NetBlend is a revolutionary web-based application for optimizing gasoline, diesel, or any other petroleum product blends with quality constraints. It is available on the web at NetBlend determines optimum product recipes by meeting specifications at a minimum cost. NetBlend provides the following functionalities: 

  • Helps refinery blenders and traders optimize product blending operations.
  • Provides for blending of any product e.g. gasoline, diesel etc.
  • Pre-defined libraries of qualities, components, and products
  • Quality blending by linear, bonus values, and interactive coefficient methods
  • Component recipe directives
  • Ethanol blending
  • Blending directives like "maximize volume" or "touch up to meet specs"
  • Non-linear blending like CARB, RFG, quality indices etc.
  • Optimal component purchases
  • Easy to use spreadsheet interface
  • Ability for the user to set up custom blending index formulas
  • Export results to Excel

NetBlend is a web-based tool. No installation is required.

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