Interactive Scheduling System

hsched 2019 updated product photo

H/Sched is an interactive scheduling tool for petroleum-based operations.

  • Simulate and Schedule the movements of any liquid hydrocarbon streams through pipelines, tanks, process units and marine terminals.
  • Accurately represent real operating constraints – such as tank mixing, qualities, compositions, capacities and other operational limitations.
  • Model specific refinery details by use of the H/Sched graphical model builder and entries into the H/Sched configuration spreadsheet tables.
  • Simulate to the minute for up to 90 days or more in advance.
  • Readily import information from other software systems or databases.
  • Gasoline production blending through advanced optimizer add-on. 
  • Use built-in optimization features on several key aspects of many refinery bottlenecks including:
    • Optimize the assignment of crude oil arrivals to tanks
    • Optimize the making of crude blends to feed one, or more, crude distillation units, operating in one or multiple modes
    • Optimize product blends

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