Web-Based Crude Oil Management Evaluation Tool


On the web: http://www.hcomet.com

H/COMET is a revolutionary web-based application that can:

  • View extensive amounts of crude assay data - all from one application
  • Quickly find crudes with user-defined criteria from a large assay database
  • Link directly to Chevron's world wide crude assay library
  • Add your own assay data, with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Display assay reports and graphs and use powerful search facilities
  • Compare crudes side-by-side for any desired qualities
  • Electronically export assays in Excel or Word format
  • Re-cut and blend crudes using technology from the world-renowned crude assay management system, H/CAMS
  • Quickly determine crude or blend economics or any refinery configuration and market using black box LP optimization
  • Perform easy-to-use crude substitution analysis for quick evaluation of crude values. Concise margin analysis report produced.
  • Access a huge database of pre-configured refinery models available

Links directly to CIMS

  • CIMS (Crude Information Management System) - a web based application maintained by PetroTech Intel (PTI) which monitors new field discoveries and quality changes in existing crude grades.

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