H/CAMS Crude Assay Management
Tuesday Feb 12 -  Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

Houston, TX. Exact course location to be announced soon. 

This course covers all the essential topics of Haverly’s crude assay management software, H/CAMS. H/CAMS has gone through a complete makeover starting with the new user interface and with the new separation technology. The course will cover the concept of crude re-cutting and how to configure H/CAMS to obtain best representation of product streams produced in your operations.


  • Basic H/CAMS Features
  • Assay Data Work-up (Smoothing) - iCDM
  • Working with Plant Data (Yield Blend Tool)
  • Updating an Old Assay (Flash Assay Tool)
  • Crude re-cutting Interface to Other Applications or Creating Custom Reports
  • Advanced Features - Split Inefficiency

Course Length: 2 Days, 9am-5pm

The course includes hands-on exercises so students must bring a laptop computer with H/CAMS already installed.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for planners, process engineers, and plant engineers who regularly require good property data from crude assays. No prior experience with H/CAMS is required.

Course Fee

$1800 USD

Registration is limited to 10 participants. As least 3 participants must register or the course will be cancelled.

Haverly Systems reserves the right to cancel courses. 

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