H/COMET, Crude Oil Management Evaluation Tool

The H/COMET course covers all the functionalities of Haverly web-based Crude Oil Management Evaluation Tool: viewing and comparing crude assays; calculating netback values for a specific region, country or operator refinery; and estimating breakeven prices for opportunity crudes.


  • H/COMET Overview
  • Viewing and comparing assays
  • Crude re-cutting and cut qualities prediction
  • Blending crudes and optimizing blends
  • Refineries set up for a specific region or country
  • Netback values of processed crudes
  • Crude Substitution and breakeven prices
  • Analyzing economical results
  • Analyzing technical results (LP)
  • How to save and manage your online cases and data

Course length: 1 Day

The course includes hands-on exercises so attendees must bring a laptop computer connected to the internet.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for refinery planners, economic planners, crude traders and crude producers who require an easy and quick-to-use tool that can be accessed from everywhere. No prior experience with H/COMET or refinery economics is required.

For more information, contact the instructor, David Alexander.

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