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First in Refinery Planning and Optimization
Generalized Refining Transportation Marketing Planning System

Haverly’s premier planning application delivers state-of-the-art technology for solving complex, non-linear planning models. GRTMPS is used to determine optimal solutions in refining, petrochemical, energy, manufacturing, and other industries. Refineries use GRTMPS to develop economic plans across one or more time periods, determine best mix of products, feeds, and operational conditions to maximize profits and minimize costs.


gSLP: Haverly’s non-linear recursion engine is the focus of consistent and determined development. Combining adherent recursion, distributive recursion, and sophisticated algorithms, gSLP delivers unmatched convergence, robustness, and speed for solving real-world models.

Process Simulator Interface (PSI) incorporates external simulators as an integral part of the LP system. These can be user-created Excel or 3rd party simulators. PSI is accurate, stable, fast, and easy to configure.

Cut Point Optimization (CPO) enables a model to accurately determine optimal distillation cutpoints. CPO combines Adherent Recursion and PSI with the H/CAMS Crude Assay Management system.

Short Learning Curve: The intuitive interface minimizes the time required for new users to become productive. Comprehensive, real-time data validation eliminates errors.

Database and Spreadsheets in Harmony: While databases allow developers to create an intuitive and helpful environment for editing data, spreadsheets are a powerful tool for manipulating and sharing information. Maintain your model in the GRTMPS database, in spreadsheets, or both.

MultiCore processing utilizes today's computer hardware to radically increase the number of GRTMPS cases that can be processed on a single computer.

Unmatched Integration: GRTMPS was designed for integration with other applications. Easily update your model with data from other departments. Deliver the model solution to other applications. Run GRTMPS and its many utilities from your own front end.

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