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refinery technology db

Haverly Systems is the exclusive licenser of the Refinery Technology Database designed for use in GRTMPS. The database is delivered with the following refinery and petrochemical unit operations:

Reforming (High and Low Psi, Semi-Regen and Continuous, Gasoline and BTX, Yields corrected for Paraffins and Aromatics, Separate Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene precursors correction)

Isomerization (C4, Light Naphtha including C5, C6, with various separation processes)

Aromatics Recovery and Toluene De-Alkylation

Hydrocracking (Distillate through Residual) Catalytic Cracking (Zeolytic and Synthetic Catalyst, LGO and HGO over a wide range of conversions)

Alkylation (C2, C3, C4, C5)

Polymerization, Dimerization

Coking (Delayed and Fluid)


Solvent De-Asphalting (with or without DAO hydrotreating)

Hydrogen Manufacturing (gas through naphtha)

Gas Separation (Saturates and Un-Saturates)

Sulfur Recovery Plant

The database contains ready-made formulations for over 30 different refinery and petrochemical unit operations. Data includes delta-feed quality correlations for most conversion units, utility and investment data, intermediate product quality data, and much more. This database, plus either H/CAMSx or your own crude assay data, is all you need to quickly start-up your refinery model with minimal refinery data requirements.

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