Model Management System

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The OMNI programming language is uniquely suited to planning models, scheduling systems, and simulation. OMNI users worldwide represent industries as diverse as petroleum, chemicals, power distribution, forest products, banking, manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation.

Utilizing a highly optimized compiler, OMNI delivers extremely fast execution speeds. OMNI's proprietary database delivers performance superior to that available from conventional SQL-type databases. By interrogating the low-level binary formats directly, importing input data from spreadsheets surpasses conventional programming methods.

OMNI is a powerful, flexible matrix generation language. The report writer accesses the optimizer solution files directly to create reports or data files read by other applications.

OMNI uses table-based input and output formats both in spreadsheets and text files. The well-documented programming interface allows viewing and editing table data from most modern languages.

OMNI interfaces with most commercial optimizers including IBM Cplex, FICO Xpress, and Haverly's HS/LP.