MUG 2024
Montreal, Canada
22-27 September, 2024    
Singapore Seminar
June 26, 2024    

MUG 2024 Montreal Request to Present

Our Agenda for MUG Montreal 2024 is now open for requests.

MUG 2024 Montreal – Presentation Guidelines

Deadline for Submitting a Request to Present at our Conference is Friday August 16, 2024!

Deadline for submitting your final prepared Powerpoint presentation document is Thursday, September 12th, 2024. Please submit the PowerPoint Document to

Haverly Systems is pleased to announce that Montreal, Canada will be the location for our MUG 2024 conference! MUG is Haverly Systems' annual North American Refining Conference & Courses. Our event will offer papers presented by experts in the fields of energy policy and strategy, refinery optimization and planning, crude oil quality and assay management, crude oil evaluation, and refinery scheduling and blending. Technical papers are presented by experienced users, consultants and Haverly staff. The presentations cover new methods and developments, practical solutions to common problems, and insightful discussions on industry issues of interest to all. Breakout sessions in the afternoons provide you with the opportunity for discussion on important, relevant topics.

Speaker Registration Fees: As a speaker at the conference, you will receive a 75% DISCOUNT off our Full Conference Registration Fees, to the Conference for a Conference Speaker Admission Fee of only $550 USD! Limited to Only One Speaker Per Company, Per Presentation. Or if your company has available Support Days to trade, you can also trade One Support Day. The event is an ideal way for you to highlight your company's operational experiences, technology innovations, and business knowledge and insights. Your presentation will be shared with our conference attendees and on our Tech Support Site for Licensed Users and listed in our conference promotions. We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity to share your expertise with a highly motivated audience.

Timing Max Allotment allowed for each presentation is 35 minutes with 5 minutes for questions (40 minutes total). Please indicate how much time you would prefer, whether 20 or 30 or 40 minutes (including your 5 minutes time for questions) on your Request to Present Forum Submission.