Who is Randy?

Randys Desk 2 650x

Prior to Haverly, I made toilet paper with a jet engine, measured water waves in four dimensions and designed new and better ways to break electronic assemblies. I joined Haverly in 1991 to work on the development and support of H/CAMS and GRTMPS. In that time, we enhanced our fundamental technology, we wrote the first Windows programs, we created Haverly’s first database modeling system, and we moved from the Intel 386 to supercomputers. From the beginning, I have enjoyed a special interest in computing performance.

Considering both clients and colleagues, I work with brilliant, friendly, focused people who are more interested in correct solutions than company politics. Few people understand the uniqueness of our industry. This is a good place to be.

My desk is located in Ventura, California though sometimes my best thinking gets done during lunch, walking on the beach.  At this point in my career, the greatest satisfaction comes from pulling together the right people to solve a challenging problem.

Best regards,

A Randy Bozarth
Vice President
Haverly Systems, Inc.