Who is Kathy?

In case I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, allow me to introduce myself.

I am part of the GRTMPS support team, mostly working on the matrix generator and the SLP recursion algorithms. As well as programming, I provide modelling support to clients, both from my desk and on visits. I'm happy to help with model design - how you make the technology represent a real world problem --- and love the challenge of trouble shooting.

I joined Haverly in July 2000 after a decade of software development and LP at British Petroleum. I do have a Ph.D. - in psychology (rats and stats) - so I owe my career in optimization to the generous mentoring of Dr. Roger Main in my time at BP and all the colleagues and clients, then and since, who have patiently explained the mathematics and the refining.

My desk is located in Reading, England. The pile in the back corner is the notes I make on scrap paper whenever I have an idea or pick up a good suggestion. Writing this column to share some of the expertise I have had the opportunity to develop is one that made finally made it to the top of the pile and I really hope you will find it useful.



Dr. Kathryn J. Nelson
Senior Technical Lead 
Haverly Systems Europe