Advanced GRTMPS: Process Unit Modeling

This course will start with basic delta-base modeling and then move on to quality transfer, AR / PSI for non-linear modeling, cut point optimization options and block operation. We will look behind the scenes at the equations and into the recursion log to track behavior, using that knowledge to build accurate and reliable LP representations of process units.


  • Review of blending and pooling
  • Delta-base: Feed qualities and Operating Parameters
  • Quality Transfer Factors
  • Non-Linear Process Modeling: AR and PSI
  • Using Capacity Controls and Operating Parameters in PSI
  • De-Pooling Instruction begins

Course length: 2-3 days

The course includes hands-on exercises so students must bring a laptop computer with GRTMPS already installed. Students may use either spreadsheet or database models.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for experienced GRTMPS users who are already able to create pools and work with the basics of process unit structure (define operations, capacity limits, and yields).

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