MUGI 2023
Seville, Spain
16-21 April, 2023    
MUG 2022
Chicago, Illinois
25-30 Sept, 2022    

Crude Oil Expert 101

This course is intended for those who are involved with crude businesses and have a key job responsibility in crude-related activities. This is a two day course so spectrum is limited to broad issues unless a participant has a special need. In this case, material may be added or subtracted as time allows and attendee needs are met.

Course: 2 days

The instructor, Anne Shafizadeh, has 40 years of experience with Chevron and now has her own consulting firm, Shafizadeh Consulting.


Changing landscape of crude oils; broad overview of crudes in the world and their character

  • Broad overview of technologies that have enabled changes in production
  • Overview of crude around the world
  • Important regulations and world events governing supply and demand
  • Q&A on topic from participants

Refinery types and the kinds of crudes most suitable for the plants in generic refinery flavors

  • Blending and compatibility
  • Crude oil economics
  • Facilities that product specialty product
  • Merchant refineries-crudes of opportunity

What parameters are important on the whole crude to judge its quality; what data and what tests?

Choosing test methods and accepting responsibility for the labs performance*

  • Laboratory fractionation and measurement technologies
  • Computational technologies

Critical review of a full (complete) public-domain assay

  • How to assess free data
  • How to determine what was actually measured
  • What parameters border on the useless
  • How to assess lab results

*101 covers and is limited to the COQA-recommended NYMex specs and perhaps the broad issues that face the industry with the introduction of shale oils in markets also marketed by Canadian crudes.  Crude Expert 102 will cover the deeper issues of compatibility.

Who Should Attend

Those working with crude: producers, mid-stream, refiners, traders, lab personnel, analysts, users of the Haverly tool suite, government agents or principals, journalists, and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge regarding crude.

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