MUGI 2023
Seville, Spain
16-21 April, 2023    
MUG 2022
Chicago, Illinois
25-30 Sept, 2022    

Operations Scheduling Workshop

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to deliberate on H/Sched’s many features, as well as discuss their scheduling issues and use of the software. Rather than an official course on how to use the tool, students are encouraged to ask questions, offer suggestions, and otherwise participate to further their understanding of how H/Sched can best be applied in their work.

Basic Agenda - will be flexible according to discussion needs

  • Scheduling Overview
  • Identify H/Sched Topics for Further Discussion and Demonstration
  • Topics Discussed and Demonstrated as Decided
  • General Student Discussions of Particular Scheduling Situations
  • H/Sched Wish-List Suggestions
  • Conclusions and Reflections

Workshop length: 2 days Wed Afternoon to Friday mid morning

To facilitate discussions and test suggestions, current H/Sched users are encouraged to bring a laptop computer loaded with their current system and model. Others bringing laptops will have the opportunity to install H/Sched and become familiar with its features directly. A laptop computer, however, is not a requirement for workshop attendance.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended primarily for current users of H/Sched who are interested in a dynamic workshop setting where their experiences, concerns, ideas, and insight can be discussed. Other interested parties, though, are welcome to attend and participate. The purpose of the workshop is to assure that H/Sched is delivering all its current users require and that these users are aware of all H/Sched can do. No time will be spent on software promotion. Students are cautioned not to share information they think other students might competitively benefit from.

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