Petroleum and Refining Basics 1 Day Seminar

This course provided by Joe Barth will offer participants a brief introduction to the basics of the petroleum refining industry. The program will initially review crude oil supply and petroleum product demand, then it will address such issues as crude oil qualities, refinery configurations, product mix and planning.


  • Introduction: Seminar Goals
  • Petroleum and the Petroleum Industry
  • Global Supply and Demand 
  • Refining: The Engine in the Supply Chain
  • Carbon Chemistry
  • Crude Oil
  • Products & Product Quality
  • Refinery Configurations
  • Refinery Process Units 
  • Product Blending
  • Logistics & Marketing
  • Summary

Course length: 1 Full Day

Instructor: Joe Barth 

Who is Joe Barth

Mr. Barth does management consulting assignments for petroleum refining and petrochemicals Supply Chain, including Organization and Best Practices Audits, and benchmarking.

He has more than 33 years of petroleum refining and petrochemicals industry experience with ExxonMobil in all aspects of processing and planning. Joe then worked for HSB Solomon Associates as a Senior Consultant for fourteen years. For the past 25, years he has specialized in Planning and Optimization (P&O) for integrated refining/petrochemical sites, linear program (LP) modeling, and model support best practices. He has completed major studies, conducted training seminars, presented papers, and developed best practices on P&O and scheduling processes.

Download his full Curriculum Vitae here

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for anyone wishing to further advance their career in petroleum refining by starting at the basics of the industry. The course is for everyone in the refinery/petrochemical industry, including traders, process engineers, process control engineers, operations personnel and planners. The seminar is also useful for anyone in support functions: law, medical, purchasing, controllers, security, public relations and human resources. No prior knowledge of refining/petrochemicals required. Newcomers and new managers are especially welcome!