Manama, Bahrain
23-24 Jan, 2018    
MUGI 2018
Florence, Italy
22-27 April, 2018    
Haverly IDTC Crude Oil Quality

IDTC International Downstream Technology & Strategy Conference

Euro Petroleum Consultants

16-17 May, 2017

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This May, Malek Masri and Al Freidrich of Haverly Systems joined EPC as key industry professionals from all over the world met to share knowledge and provide insights into the challenges and opportunities in the international refining industry.

Malek Masri presented a white paper on Crude Assay Data - Best Practices in Supply Chain Optimization covering the topics of: 

  • What to look at while preparing, updating, and feeding assay data into optimisation systems in several areas - laboratory, planning, marketing, and scheduling. 
  • Using modern tools to achieve successful refinery operation and sustainable economy. 

Download Malek Masri's White Paper here