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Solomon Associates - Refinery Economics Seminar 

October 4-5, 2017

Dallas, Texas

This October, Joe Barth of Solomon Associates is offering a Refinery Economics Seminar that covers the economic and optimization skills needed to maximize refinery profit. Practical, hands-on examples are used to illustrate Solomon’s unique approach to the intricacies of marginal economics and the workings of Linear Program (LP) models. In addition, attendees will discuss Planning & Optimization Best Practices.

Participants of the course will learn: 

  • Differences between average and marginal costs
  • How to calculate refinery netback prices
  • Why the "herd" mentality is so common in the industry
  • How to use LP Models to guide decision making
  • How to evaluate crude and feedstock purchase opportunities
  • How to evaluate incremental product sales
  • Limitations of Shadow Values
  • Planning & Optimization Best Practices

As a Senior Consultant, Joe has been with Solomon since 2004. His career includes 33 years with ExxonMobil in Planning & Optimization of refining petrochemical complexes. Joe has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University and an MS in Engineering from the University of Houston.

To find more information about Solomon's course and to register, go here