MUGI 2019
Conference Papers

Conference papers by Haverly Systems and other experts focus on new developments in planning, crude oil quality and management, refinery scheduling and product blending. Papers by clients often describe novel solutions to common and unusual problems.

Below is the preliminary agenda. (updated 8 February 2019) 

H/Cams Full Jacobian and GRTMPS Cut Point Optimization - new
Dr. John Slaby & Dr. Richard Tan, Haverly Systems
In the real world, a crude tower simulation consists of sloppy cuts; often quite sloppy. This implies that the properties of any given cut depend not only on its own IBP and EBP, but upon the other cut points in the towers. In the past, only the effects of the adjacent cut points were modeled in GRTMPS. This resulted in a loss of information and possible extra recursions and suboptimal solutions. To overcome this, a full Jacobian capability has been added to H/CAMS to capture the full derivative effects by obtaining partial derivatives of any cut with respect to all the cut points as specified by the user. These additional partial derivatives are built into the GRTMPS LP to potentially improve both the recursion behavior and the solution.

80% Chance of... - new
Dr. Kathy Nelson, Haverly Systems Europe
Basket selection, choosing a set of crudes to run together, is an interesting alternative to single crude substitution for crude selection, but the combination of MIP and SLP that is required is often very unstable. So how to asses the robustness of the evaluation? Now that we have the computing power to generate large enough sets of results, maybe it would be useful to borrow a technique from weather forecasting: Run many optimizations with slightly different assumptions and look at the probability that a particular grade of crude is included in the basket. I will report on a case study to see how that might work in practice.

Haverly Integrated Solutions - new
Malek Masri, Haverly Systems
Haverly offers wide solutions for the oil industry from managing and evaluating crudes, optimizing refineries margins, scheduling field operations and logistics and more. Continuous efforts are made to develop links and automated communication between H/CAMS, GRTMPS and HSCHED and also third party tools in order to simplify users daily tasks adding accuracy and decreasing errors risk. This presentation will discuss an integrated solution developed during first half of 2018 for a new refinery in Egypt (Egyptian Refining Company) with special focus on the latest developments done to incorporate H/COMET as Web/Cloud planning interface commanding G5 and HCAMS.

Marginal Values: Once more ! - new
Dr. Alireza Tehrani, Total
Abstract to come

Getting advantage of Reporting Generator II to build customized LP Reporting Toll and Crude Oil Cargo Selection - new
Alessandro Martini, Rosneft Deutschland GmbH
Abstract to come

Remodelling a Refinery - new
Jean-Fran├žois Sirinelli, Axens
Abstract to come

UniSim Design link with H/CAMS - new
Honeywell Process Solutions
Abstract to come

GRTMPS 6.0 - new
Randy Bozarth, Haverly Systems
Abstract to come

H/CAMS Update 
David Alexander, Haverly Systems
Abstract to come

H/COMET Update 
David Alexander, Haverly Systems
Abstract to come

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