MUGI 2023
Seville, Spain
16-21 April, 2023    
MUG 2022
Chicago, Illinois
25-30 Sept, 2022    

Petroleum Refining Primer

This course presents an overview of the modern integrated petroleum refinery, a manufacturing operation consisting of several processes which together convert crude oil into finished hydrocarbon products. Students will learn the basics about the refining industry, refinery operations, crude oil characteristics, refined product properties, and general hydrocarbon chemistry. The course will include a virtual refinery tour as well, and exercises involving simple LP analysis. Upon completion of this seminar the student will have a basic understanding of: feedstock and feedstock selection, product yields and properties, economic and processing parameters, unit performance and limitations, and refinery optimization.


  • Refined Products
  • Crude Oil
  • The Refining Industry
  • Virtual Refinery Tour
  • Refinery Chemistry
  • Refinery Operations

Course length: 2 days

The course includes hands-on exercises so students must bring a laptop computer with MS Excel installed.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for support and management personnel who have little or no experience in refining operations but would benefit from having such knowledge.

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