MUGI 2023
Seville, Spain
16-21 April, 2023    
MUG 2022
Chicago, Illinois
25-30 Sept, 2022    

Operations Scheduling: H/Sched & H/Gal-XE

In this course students will learn about basic operations scheduling concerns, and how they can be managed using Haverly’s scheduling tool, H/Sched, and its dedicated product blending application H/Gal-XE. We will discuss how the objectives and attributes of scheduling differ from those of planning, and how Haverly’s unique event-based approach to scheduling provides effective support to those responsible for making operations scheduling decisions.


  • Planning vs. Scheduling
  • Typical Scheduled Operations and their Concerns
  • Events and Activities
  • Schedule Simulation
  • Schedule Optimization
  • H/Sched and H/Gal-XE Features and Operation

Course length: 2 days

Students bringing a laptop computer will have the opportunity to install H/Sched and become familiar with its features directly.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for planners, schedulers, and engineers engaged in or involved with the operations scheduling activities of their companies, as well as others wishing to learn more about this area and the tools Haverly offers to support it. Attendees are encouraged to raise any particular scheduling concerns they might have for discussion.

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