Fundamentals of Refinery Economics

This two day course will offer participants a brief introduction to petroleum refining economics. The primary focus will be on how markets, technology, finance and regulations impact the refining business profitability. The program will initially review crude oil supply and petroleum product demand, then it will address such issues as crude oil qualities, refinery configurations, product mix and planning. This will then be followed by a brief discussion on LP modeling and how Haverly’s H/COMET can be used to improve profitability and analyze markets.


  • Crude Oil Market
  • Petroleum Product Markets
  • Nature of Crude Oils
  • Petroleum Products Quality
  • Products Manufacturing Technology
  • Refinery Types & Complexity
  • Incremental Economics & Refinery Margins
  • Refinery Planning and Economics
  • Refinery Project Economics
  • Analysis with H/COMET

Course length: 2-3 days

A small portion of the course will include some hands-on exercises, so students should bring a laptop computer.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for novice planners and analysts. Students need no prior knowledge of planning, economics or LP.

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